5raart (5raArt; 5 – ”pet” in croatian language + ra = Petra) is an entity derived from the artist’s first name as an extension of the visual artistic story “Behind The Scene”, which appeared as the main artist’s intention to put forward the artwork itself and to leave the personal story behind. As to say, the goal is to send the message by calling attention to the strong visual impact instead of putting an artist in the center of creation. Artist is merely the medium, the messenger, the filter of the collective existential beauty that is often misunderstood.

Who is Behind The Scene?                        

Petra Miletić is croatian artist currently based in Split, Croatia. Studied at the University of Split, Academy of fine arts. Her main studies were painting and usage of art in therapy and rehabilitation. Upon completion of Master degree with the highest grades, moves to Barcelona, Spain where she keeps on  finding inspiration throughout new environment, culture, language and experience; interpreting all that using visual medium in form of different materials such as acrylic, oil, pastel, chalk, also experimenting with unconvential materials such as butter, sand, rust, sugar.